Guidelines for Hartford Park Bricks


4" x 8" bricks may only include names of people, families, organizations or businesses.  Note that wording that reflects groups gifts is acceptable.  For example, Casis Class of 2015.

8" x 8" and 8" x 12" bricks are eligible to include all of the inscriptions noted above for the bricks.  In addition, you have the option of including short words of wisdom or quotes appropriate for a family-friendly environment. These should be consistent with our theme: Imagine a park where the kids can play, the community can gather, and we all grow together.  We envision quotes related to imagination, play, community, nature and learning.


Though the bricks hold 2 or 4 lines, they do tend to look better with fewer lines. Also, as a general rule, simpler is better. Please note that the number of lines and of characters/spaces per line varies across the brick sizes. Some additional guidelines that apply no matter the size of the brick:

  • Inscriptions may only include text.  Inscriptions may not include logos, website urls, slogans or dates other than a single year.
  • The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department does not allow memorial inscriptions.
  • Inscriptions may not promote, advertise or relate to alcohol or tobacco products or companies or to adult-oriented businesses or be of a non-conmmercial or cause-oriented nature (for example, promoting or criticizing a political party, official or candidate; a political or social cause or movement; or a religion or religious establishment or movement).
  • All inscriptions are subject to committee and Parks & Recreation Department approval.


The final location for the bricks will depend on the total number of donations eligible for recognition in our "Friends of Hartford Park Walk" which will be along the entry walkway. Installation timing will be determined by the pace of implementation of the different phases of the park project, and the "Friends of Hartford Park Walk" will likely be the last piece of the project.


Your engraved brick will have an estimated twenty-year life span.  While we will do our best to deliver a high-quality product, please bear in mind that we are all volunteers, and we cannot make any guarantee on quality or longevity.