Thank you to every donor who has given a gift to Hartford Park.


Grants to Hartford Park

The Baxter Trust - $75,000

Austin Parks Foundation - $50,000

Park Director - Donations of $5000+

Greg and Martha Clay

The Gormin Family

Emelie and Will Graham

Chuck and Elizabeth Nash


Waterproof Foundation, Inc.

Park Ranger - Donations of $1000+

AlphaGraphics North Austin

Chad Auler

Morgan and John Burnham

Jamie and Blake Chandlee

Amanda and Clay Cowan

Lindley and Drew Dodson

Andrea and Dan Ellinor

Arlo Gilbert

Kristin and Greg Gish

Beth and Tom Granger

Anna and Reg Hargrove

Jan and Bobby Jenkins

Shelley and Bill Kilday

Steve and Wendy Martinez


Madeline and John Nash

Carol Nelson

Elizabeth and Justin Nelson

Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association

Ashley and Austin Pfiester

Lauren and Reagan Reaud

Laurel and Dudley Simmons

Ashley and Cole Stout

Michelle and Robert Strauss

Laura and Todd Wallace

Helen and Sandy Watkins

West Lynn Veterinary Clinic/Debbie and Jason Faludi

Park Enthusiast - Donations of $500+

Friends of Howard Allen

Laura and Kyndel Bennett

Darby and DAn Berra

Lynn Boswell and Burton Baldridge

Leslie and Cullen Childress

Richard Craig

Sherrill and Downs Deering

Martha and Don DeGrasse

Mollie and Clay Duckworth

Abby and Casey Ford


Yvonne and Richard Frazier

Jennifer and David Garraway

Katherine and Jody Goehring

Kate and Steve Goode

Nancy Harper

Carla and Billy Hatler

Kimberly E. Hill

Crary and Hal Jagger

Molly and David Jones

Susan and Bob Kay

Kerry and Temp Keller

Brigid and Klee Kleber

Rita and Matthew Kreisle

Laurel and William Kuntz

Aimee and Brad Laughlin

John Little


Rebekah and Chris McWhorter

Kristi and David Moriarty

Heather and Jack Nelson

Kristen and John Nelson

Marianne and Philip Norwood

Jahnna and Robert Peeler

Misty and William Reid

Sarah and Phillip Sampson

Amelie and Wess Sanders


Caroline and Brian Smith

Lizzie and Marc Smith

Linda and Michael Steward

Erin and Bill Tice

Shannon and Michael Wardlaw

Lisa and Jesse Womack

Hope and Sam Wood

Dalton and Victor Young

Margrit and Ron Young

Park Supporter - Donations of $100+

Patricia Albright

Jessie and Forrest Bloede

Taylor and Bill Bowles

Martha Bradshaw

Sabrina and Jay Brown

Judith Browning

Christine and Matt Butterfield

Anne and Cameron Campbell

Michelle and Patrick Carlson

Leslie Carruth

Courtney and Jacob Childers

Megan and RYE clifton

Mary Emma and Conor Civins

Tammy Cochran

Kimberly and Read Comstock

Brittney and Sean Couch

Laura and Tommy Craddick

Jordan and Michael Cronin

Beth and Kelly Cunningham

John Daly

Leslie and Bill Davenport

Kathryn and Gabriel Dennison

Molly and Andrew Dodson

Annie and Ward Downing

The Dure Family

Allison and Kelly Dwyer

Leslie and Brandon Easterling

Jennifer Emerson

Suzanne and Stephen Erickson

Betsy and Jody Farmer

Laura and Benjamin Fauber

Nina and Harry Faulkner

Raechal and Andrew Ferguson

Kevin Fettig

Andrea Flager

Marion and Keith Forbes

Chandler Ford

Jennifer Foucher

Kelly and William Glasgow

Annette Graves

Carla and Ward Greenwood

Leah and Mark Grier

Elizabeth and Michael Hall

Robyn and Rob Hargrove

Jennifer and Frank Hartmann

Jenny and Sam Hassibi

Angela and Brad Hawley

Courtney and Andy Heard

Anne and Charles Henderson

Stephanie Herndon

Carrie and Robert Hicks

GEnnY and Christopher Hill

Joanna and Martyn Hitchcock

Elizabeth and Richard Holt

Barbara and Frank Hunt

Lindsay and Kevin Hunter

Meredith and Ted Jarrett

Lori and James Johnson

Stephen Kegg

Dennis Keller

Laura and Garrett Key

Shelley and Bill Kilday

Natalie and Christian Kopp

Kristina Lorenzo and Daniel Krause

Camille and Sandy Kress

Sydney Langley

Erica Laughlin

Jennalie and Sean Lyons

Cathey Mayes

Susan and Allan MacDonald



Genie Miller

Martha and Alan Moore

Ellen and Michael Navarre

Carol Nelson

Leslie and Mark Newberry

Victoria and Milam Newby

Peter Nixon

Dina and Charlie Northington

Nicole and John Nykaza

Amanda and Randal Oudt

Susan and Neil Pascoe

Rebecca and Sam Pfiester

Lesley and John Pitts

Nancy and Mark Pollard

Reagan and Chip Rives

Nancy and Oscar Robinson

Hilary and Charles Saltzman

Emily and Josh Schaffer

Martha and Larry Schroeder


Lacey and Chris Shannon

Anna and Ronald Smith

Meredith and Tyler Spears

Jennifer and Russell Stein

Suzanne and Mark Stewart

Kelly and Michael Stouse

Beverly and Harry Sutton

Natalie Tarrant


Anna and David Trimble

Tammie Valentini

Katherine Walcutt

Katherine and Chris Wallin

Stephen and Amber Warrington

Tina and Jeffrey Weinberger

John Wheeler

Antonia Wilemon

Mary and Will Wilson

Shannon and Jimmy Windham

Sarah and Rick Wittenbraker

Mary and Stephen Yoch

Andrea and Jeffrey Yorio

Anna and Noah Zandan

Colleen and David Zientek

In Kind Donations:

Betty Trent - Park desigN
    dwg./Daniel Woodroffe - Landscape ArchitecturE AND DesigN               

BURY, INC./Paul BURY & Greg STRMISKA - Civil Engineering
Amanda Cowan - Website design and photography

Together we can build a beautiful Hartford Park